Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Hon. Imanyara's Ordeal was an Occult Ritual

Last week, the legendary Imenti Central legislature, Hon. Gitobu Imanyara suffered an eerie ordeal that has defied explanation. He was waylaid by the gang as he was driving along State House Crescent and bundled him out of his car. His assailants then ordered him to lift his hands and kneel down facing Mount Kenya. They then threaten to kill him and his two sons if he defied their orders to cease and desist from supporting the Prime Minister Raila Odinga. They also ordered him to neither attend the Limuru II (b) conference nor accompany the Premier in his tour of the Mount Kenya region which took place last weekend. But before they could let him go, they ordered him to say ‘Tuko pamoja na Uhuru’ three times.

The way I see it, the bizarre incident which involved chanting with lifted hands while kneeling down facing a specific direction –Mount Kenya which is of spiritual significance to the House of Mumbi, was for all intents and purposes part of an occult ritual. The Imenti Central legislature should thank his God he has lived to tell the tale. He could have been ordained as a human sacrifice. The ordeal was nonetheless horrifying and when he recounted it to his fellow legislatures in the House, they were all dumbfounded.
Be that as it may, the Deputy Premier’s office wasted no time in its response dismissing the incident as a smear campaign by political rivals who were sensing defeat. Personally, I do not know whether or not Uhuru Kenyatta was behind the bizarre incident but it was certainly hypocritical and amateurish for the Deputy Premier’s office to quickly denounce Honourable Gitobu Imanyara.

Mr. Imanyara is not the average Kenyan politician and by all accounts, he is a statesman whose exemplary judgement, credibility, and integrity are foreign to most all his contemporaries, the Deputy Premier included. Mr. Imanyara is not an angel but certainly he is not the kind of person you expect to fabricate such a diabolical incident. The Deputy Premier’s office therefore, should have been very circumspect and given a measure response more so if he had nothing indeed to do with the incident. By thoughtlessly terming the incident as a smear campaign and portraying Mr. Imanyara as a losing rival, it is the Deputy Premier’s credibility that was cast in doubt.

Facts, as they say, are stubborn things and the fact is that the perpetrators of the heinous crime are followers of Uhuru Kenyatta. Like all Kenyans, I have no confidence in the police but it is up them to establish whether or not the criminals were acting at the behest of Uhuru Kenyatta or they were acting on their own. However, if indeed the Deputy Premier had nothing to do with the incident, he should have extended common courtesy to his respectable compatriot by being sympathetic while repudiating and strongly denouncing the heinous crime that was committed in his name. Obviously, the Deputy Premier’s PR staff is doing him a disservice.

Many people are of the opinion that the incident was meant to merely humiliate and intimidate but that simply cannot explain the bizarre orders given to the legislature. If indeed the legislator’s assailant primary objective was to scare the living daylights out of the legislature, they would have inflicted serious injuries on the legislator and perhaps even burnt his vehicle but they did not. I am convinced that the legislator was the hapless victim of an occult ritual and the senseless orders by his tormentors was just but a smokescreen. It is not farfetched that either the Deputy Premier or someone in his ‘camp’ with or without his consent may have visited the occult world in a desperate search for supernatural help. As you will agree, these are desperate times in the Uhuru camp and desperate times call for desperate measures.

Before I forget, not too long ago and at the height of the so-called prayer rallies in support of those suspected of being the masterminds of the crimes against humanity that were committed during and after the 2007 general elections, the former president Daniel arap Moi, cautioned the G-7 alliance against having prayer rallies as they were opening the door for powers of darkness. Needless to say, his advice fell on deaf ears but the very thing he cautioned them against appears to have happened.

It is written that where bitter envy and self-seeking exist, confusion and every evil thing are there (James 3: 16) and the G-7 rallies have been rife vitriolic attacks on the Premier and the ICC. Since the Scripture cannot be broken, the rallies have been a rich source of confusion and just as the former president warned and I’m not saying that he is a prophet, far from it, but all manner of evil things are beginning to manifest as the ICC noose continues to tightening ever so tight around the necks of the suspects.

It is public knowledge that many people with political objectives and ambitions engage in witchcraft in a bid to achieve their political objectives especially during election years. It is also common knowledge that witchdoctors notoriously prescribe bizarre rituals such as the one forced upon the Imenti Central legislature. Hon. Imanyara’s ordeal which had the features of a ritual prescribed by some witchdoctor. There is no other logical explanation. Thankfully, the legislature has not been cowed and so shouldn’t Kenyans.

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