Sunday, 12 October 2014

My Economic Vision for Kenya

For over 50 years we Kenyans have worked hard to establish a just and democratic society. Through blood sweat and tears we have managed to make significant achievements in our struggle for democracy, the most notable of which was the enactment of a new constitution that is considered one of the most progressive constitutions in the whole world.

Our decades long preoccupation with democratic reforms was absolutely necessary because democracy and freedom are the foundations of a just and prosperous nation. And it is not over. We must remain ever so vigilant because democracy is not self executing and there will always be elements in our society just as it is any free society that seeks to claw back our freedom and subjugate our people.

But freedom and democracy must be accompanied with ecomomic development without which our freedom and democratic gains are rather meaningless. Unfortunately for us, our nation's pace of our economic growth and development has not matched the pace and achievements of our democratic gains.