Monday, 26 September 2011


I have created this blog to serve you with information which as you know is power. Indeed the whole idea of sharing with you information is to empower you and to also bring you and all my followers to a common understanding so that we are united in purpose. I am a leader and that is what leaders do -they generate, communicate, and maintain commonality of purpose.

I consider myself an above average communicator; however, I think I communicate more effectively through the written word than through the spoken word. As you may know, I write commentaries on topical issues in the weekly Siasa pullout of the Weekend Star and that is a rather fulfilling experience which has contributed to the inspiration for create this blog. I also have a Facebook account which is actually the real inspiration behind this blog. Many of my friends on Facebook say they are really impressed by my posts and comments but the limitations and shortcomings of Facebook make me believe that perhaps a blog would be a helpful addition to my communication platforms -I could be wrong on this one though.

Like I began by saying, this blog is created to serve you and I want you to know that I am committed to serving you with excellence and integrity. My blogs will therefore be guided by the communication principles of correctness, clarity, consideration, completeness, courtesy, and conciseness. In conclusion, I believe that the best kind of leadership is that which produces fellowship.