Tuesday, 10 February 2015

My Advice to President Uhuru

Mr President, after several years of writing opinion pieces for the SIASA pullout, this will be the first time I address myself to you in person. I trust you will find my thoughts most helpful.

I'm not a prophet, but long before you and your deputy Ruto were an item, while both of you were for all intents and purposes nemesis, I knew you would team up in order to fight the ICC and even wrote about it in this very pullout.

Back then, I foresaw that the only way to defeat the ICC was for you to team up with Ruto and fight the ICC. I will admit that I don't know whether it was my opinion piece that opened your eyes to this fact or not, but the fact is that you teamed up and successfully seized power - fairly and squarely.

And just as I thought would happen, you out maneuvered the ICC prosecutor and she was left with no choice but to withdraw the case against you citing a lack of sufficient evidence to proceed with the case, never mind that she cited a lack of cooperation from you.

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

The Mugabe-AU Chair Paradox

Last week the African Union held its Summit - the highest decision making organ of the AU - in which, according to many people mostly from the West, the bizarre happened. President Robert Mugabe was appointed the AU Chairman for the next one year.

As the AU chairperson, President Mugabe is the ceremonial head of the AU. And as the AU Chairman, Mugabe will be the official representative of continent in various international forums including the G8 and G20 summit.

Across the African continent, the appointment of President Mugabe as the AU Chairman has attracted both praise and condemnation in equal measure.